The Ludmer Fund for Fellowships in Ukraine

Jewish Galicia and Bukovina offers fellowships to doctoral and post-doctoral students from both Israel and Ukraine for research projects connected to Jewish history in this region. The fellowships awarded Ukrainian scholars also support their stay in Israel for one year to advance their research. We see great importance on awarding these fellowships and seek to establish a leading role for Israeli academia in studying these communities.

In 2010 two doctoral fellowships were awarded to Ukrainian students of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. With the assistance of the fellowship they spent a year (2011-2012) studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Read below about the dissertation of thier research.

In 2012, an additional  grant for post doctoral student in Ukraine on a research topic related to Jewish history and culture in Galicia and Bukovina was awarded.

  Vladyslava Moskalets

MA in History, 2010, Ukrainian Catholic University.

Academic interests include Jewish history of modern period in East Central Europe, history of everyday life and mentality. Volunteer at the Centre for Urban History of East Central Europe.

PhD dissertation:

Jewish industrial elites in Drohobych and Boryslav, 1860-1900 

"The history of Jewish entrepreneurs in Boryslav and Drohobych is the history of great success and great defeat. In my research, I will try to depart from the mythical image of the Jewish capitalist and trace the dependencies and causes of this success and defeat; I want to understand how new economic elites were created, how their self-awareness was formed and in what ways the community’s life depended on the new conditions of an industrial city" Read more   
"Loyalty to the Empire as the element of identity of Jewish entrepreneurs in Drohobych" (abstract).  Read
"Philanthropic Activity of the Jewish Entrepreneurs of Drohobych and Boryslaw as an Indicator of Modernity". Read
Conference abstracts:
Zionism among Jewish petroleum workers as result of dynamic changes in Jewish identity. Read
Changes of philanthropy strategies in Drohobych Jewish Community 1860-1900. Read


  Dominika Rank

B.A. in History 2007, Ukrainian Catholic University. M.A. in History, 2010, Ukrainian Catholic University, specialization "Modern History of Central Eastern Europe."

PhD dissertation topic:

"The Modernization of the Jewish Community of Brody from the Second Half of the 19th Century." 

This study traces the processes of modernization in the Jewish community of Brody from the second half of the 19th century until the beginning of WWI. Special emphasis is placed on the social and cultural changes within the community as compared to general regional trends, with particular attention to Lviv as the central city in the region and as the one which most clearly exhibits the formation of the basic political, social, and cultural trends which characterized the process of modernisation in Galicia.   Read more

Conference abstracts: 

From political settlement to the self-identificationwith the Polish nation. History of the Jewish community of the city of Lviv from 1873 till 1914. Read

The formation of Brody’s "ghetto" image in the works of Hermann Menkes and Leo Herzberg-Fränkel. Read

Between Austrian Liberalism and Polish Federalism. A comparison of the formation of new cultural and political identities among the Jewish population of Lviv and Brody in the second half of the 19th century. Read

  Zornytskyi Andrii

Graduated from Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko University, the School of Foreign Languages, in 2004.

Completed a PhD in 2009;

Academic interests: the Yiddish language and its history; language contacts

Research Lexical system of the Yiddish language: language hybridity and interference. Read more


 *The Yiddish Sonnets by M. Freed: notes on the history of literary Yiddish in Bukovina (abstract).  Read

 *The Semantic Aspects of Slavic-Yidish Language Interference in the Light of Cross-Cultural Differences. Read

 * Western Ukrainian dialectal borrowings in Y. Burg’s short story collection “On the Cheremosh River”. Read