Lubaczów לוברצ'וב

שם באנגלית: 
שם באוקראינית: 
Любачів (Liubachiv)
שם בפולנית: 
שם בגרמנית: 
שם ברוסית: 
שם בעברית: 
שם ביידיש: 
ליבעטשויוו (Libatchov)
אזור היסטורי-תרבותי: 
Western Galicia
מחוז מנהלי: 
Subcarpathian Voivodeship
50°10' N, 23°08' E
היסטוריה מנהלית: 
 years  State
 1772-1918  Part of the Austrian monarchy
 1918--September 26th 1939  Republic of Poland
 Sep. 26th 1939 - June 22nd 1941  USSR
 June 22nd 1941- July 21st 1944  Under German occupation
 July 21st 1944 - 1989

 USSR: 1944-1952: The Republic of Poland.

1952-1989: People's Republic of Poland

 Since 1989  Republic of Poland

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Lubaczów is located in Southern Poland, 45 miles NWN of Lviv near the Ukrianian border (see map). Jews are mentioned living in Lubaczów first in  1498. In 1538 thier were 18 Jewish families living in Lubaczów. The Jewish community grew dramaticly in the 19th Century. Most of the Jews worked in commerce and peddling in the nearby villages.

According to most sources in 1931, 3503 Jews lived in Lubaczów, who were 6.8% of the general population. In October 1942 a Ghetto was established in Lubaczów and Jews were brought from the surrounding villages. The Jewish coomunity was terminated in January 1943.  


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