The Jewish Press of Galicia and Bukovina

The Jewish press of Galicia and Bukovina is a rich and inexhaustible source of knowledge about the historical, political, social, religious, and cultural processes that the Jewish communities living in these areas underwent during the rapidly changing modern era. It seems that virtually no topic, large or small, was ignored in these publications, which offer a picture of these communities, and contribute to understanding and memorializing their heritage, spirituality, lifestyles, values, and horizons.


This database includes about 70 titles of Galician Jewish periodicals that were published over the hundred years spanning the beginning of the Jewish press in Galicia in 1813 through 1918, the end of the First World War and the end of Austrian rule of the region. Complete or partial scanned versions of these titles are accessible on the internet.

The database is part of a project being launched to document all the periodicals of the Jews of Galicia and Bukovina, from the beginning of the Austrian period through the end of the Holocaust. The database includes journal collections, anthologies, and one-time publications. It also includes periodicals and collections that were published outside of Galicia and Bukovina if they addressed these Diaspora populations and/or if a significant number of their editors and writers came from that region.


During the World Wars and the Holocaust, most copies of these journals were destroyed, their editors, writers, and readers perished. Some titles did not survive at all; for others, only a few issues remain. Therefore, preparing this database now is of the utmost importance. It will consolidate information about these publications and their content, with an emphasis on materials that have been scanned and are accessible online.

Information can be retrieved from the database according to title, language, place of publication, years of appearance, and using general keywords.

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Title Editors Place Fromсортувати за спаданням Until
אוצר נחמד יצחק בלומנפלד Wien 1856 1863
המגיד אליעזר ליפמן זילברמן, דוד גורדון, דב גורדון, יצחק שלמה פוקס, יעקב שמואל פוקס Lyck, Berlin, Kraków, Wien 1856 1903
Jeschurun Joseph Kobak Lemberg, Breslau, Fuerth, Bamberg 1856 1878
אוצר חכמה יוסף כהן צדק Lemberg 1859 1865
שדה צופים Lemberg 1860 1860
הציר יצחק ויינרט Lemberg 1861 1862
ספר החולץ יהושע השל שור Lemberg 1861 1861
המבשר אברהם יצחק מנקיס, יוסף כהן צדק, דוד כהן צדק Lemberg 1861 1867
בכורים נפתלי קלר Wien 1864 1865
היהודי הנצחי יוסף כהן צדק Lemberg 1865 1866