Berl Locker

Date of birth: 04/27/1887 | Date of death: 02/01/1972

Occupation or position: 

Berl Locker Born in Kriwiec in Austria-Hungary, Locker was educated at a Jewish school. In 1902 he began contributing to the Der Yidisher Arbeiter newspaper, which he later became editor of.  In 1904 he signed up to study law at Chernivtsi University, and in the same year established the Flowers of Zion student union. The following year he joined Poale Zion, and became a member of its central committee in Austria-Hungary. In 1916 he became secretary of the movement's The Hague office, and later served the same role in Stockholm. He represented Poale Zion at conferences for socialist parties, and between 1918 and 1928 served as secretary of the Poale Zion World Union. From 1928 until 1931 he served as Poale Zion's secretary in the United States.

Image: Israeli National Photo Collection

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