Market square

Building type: 
Vidrodzhenya 1-2

 Buildings on the Rynek  (the market) square (now: Vidrodzhenya 1-2), which housed in the beginning of the 20th century A Grand Hotel owned by Rivka and Hone Bahr (1913) and later by Blitz  Sender. A big clothing and drapery store owned by Isidor Horn was situated in the corner building (Vidrodzhennia,1) at the beginning of the 20th century.  In the other building (Vidrodzhennia,2)   were offices of the first Galician weaving mill "Shimshon Heller and sons", fashion store of Y. Nadler and K. Ramler ( ground floor) and tailor workshop of H. Kesten and Y. Aizner.  

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Четвер, Квітень 4, 2013
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