This section offers different materials regarding the Jewish life in Galicia and Bukovina as well as information on individuals. The sub-sections offered are:


You can read short descriptions of some of the largest Jewish communities and definitions of different concepts relating to the local Jewish heritage.

Stanislawow Census 1939

Here you can find detailed and indexed data on Stanisławów residents according to the last Polish census of August 1939

Registration Books

Indexed Jewish registration books from Stanislalwow, Nadworna and Podvolochyska containing information about births, deaths and marriages in the Jewish communities mentioned. 

Notable People:

Galicia and Bukovina were the home to some of the most influential Jews in arts, literature, and academics. The notable people collection offers a brief view to their great contribution to Jewish heritage and world culture.  


We offer a collection of interviews with local Jews and Ukrainians which shed light on Jewish past of Galicia and Bukovina. Most of the interviews are in Ukrainian and are available in audio and written formats.


You can view a large collection of archival documents of different types from various places and times.


This is a database of all of the people documented in various materials such as archival documents, tombstones, interviews etc.


Here you can see some old Jewish buildings we were able to document.

CAHJP Cards:

This is  a catalogue of the archival index cards at the Central Archive for History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) in Jerusalem containing lots of documents on the Jewish history in Galicia and Bukovina.