Bilyi Kamen

Name in English: 
Bilyi Kamen
Name in Ukrainian: 
Билий Камінь
Name in Polish: 
Biały Kamień
Name in Hebrew: 
ביאלי קמיין
Historical-cultural region: 
Eastern Galicia
49°54' N, 24°50' E
Population Data: 


 Year  General Population  Jewish Population 
 1880  3511  1901
 1900  3651  1704
 1921  1952  298
 1930  ?  202

Bilyi Kamen from Pinkas Hakehilot.

ביאלי קמיין באתר המרכז למורשת יהדות פולין

Bilyi Kamen is a located in the Tarnopol region, 37 miles East from Lviv.

The Jewish community is first mentioned in 1629. The Jews made thier living from small trade and peddling. The first rabbi of the community was Rabbi Avraham Shmariahu (died in 1697).