Alfred Landau

Date of birth: 1850 | Date of death: 1935

Occupation or position: 

Alfred Landau was a famous folklorist and philologist. Born in Brody in 1850, into the family of a famous rabbi, Landau studied in a gymnasium in Vienna, having moved there when he was still a child. Afterwards, Landau studied law, but despite running a successful law practice following his graduation, he decided to study philology as a hobby.  As a result, Landau became one of the founders of modern Yiddish philology, authoring books on Yiddish vocabulary and grammar, “The Slav Element and Slav Influence in Yiddish” (Di Slawische elementn un haschpoeß in jidisch) being among his most well-known works. Alfred Landau died in Vienna in 1935.

Information taken from:

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