Nadworna - Jews in the 19th and the early 20th centuries


In the 19th century Nadworna became the home of the famous Hasidic dynasty.

In the nineteenth century, the Jews in Nadworna were mostly merchants and craftsmen that provided services for the other residents of Nadworna and local peasantry. Jewish merchants had dominant positions in the oil industry, sawmills and windmills. Hotels, restaurants and inn keeping were also predominantly in the hands of Jewish merchants. This continued into the beginning of the twentieth century when vacation spas developed in the region (Pinkas Hakehilot, 328).

The official religious community of Nadworna, Cultusvorstand, was established at the end of the nineteenth century. Its first president was Yaakov Hirsch. After his family lost its fortune he was replaced by Leizer Griffel (Yosef Budner, "Kehilat nadvorna," Sefer Nadvurna, 15). Josef Mehr was mentioned as the president of the community in 1899 (Die Welt, no. 15, 14 April 1899, p. 3; no. 51, 22 December 1899, p. 12).

The Zionist association Zion was established in Nadworna on May 22, 1898.




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