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Historical-cultural region: 
Western Galicia
49°49' N, 21°26' E
Population Data: 
 year  Total population  Jewish population
 1880  1733  115
 1900  1792  247
 1921  1348  104
 1937  ?  Approx. 250 (including the nearby villages)

Kołaczyce in Pinkas Hakehilot.


Kołaczyce is located in the Krakow region approximately 24 miles SE of Tarnow.

Jews started setteling in Kołaczyce in the first half of the 19th century. By 1860 the community of Kołaczyce maintaned  a synagogue and a Mikvah (ritual bath house). The first rabbi of Kołaczyce was R. Yaakov Frankel-Teomim. (רבי יעקב פרנקל-תאומים). Befor World War I the rabbi of Kołaczyce was R. Chona Halberstam of the Sanz hassidic dynasty.