Isaak Robinsohn

Date of birth: 1874 | Date of death: 1932

Occupation or position: 

Isaak Robinsohn was a well-known radiologist, born in the town of Brody in 1874. His father ran a bookshop and, as a result, Isaak was surrounded by inexhaustible sources of knowledge from an early age. Isaak was keen on plants and therefore chose to study botany in Vienna, before changing his focus to the field of medicine. After obtaining a doctorate in 1903, he constructed the first trochoscope, a table for patients who could not walk, together with his teacher, Guido Holzknecht, one of Austria’s first  radiologists.   

 Robinson also went on to invent the first device for measuring doses of X-ray radiation and opened an X-ray laboratory in Vienna’s main hospital. He died in Klosterneuburg, Austria, in 1932.

Information taken from:

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