Solotvin - Jews in the 18th century


Documentary evidence of a Jewish presence in the town dates from 1717 when local Jews paid a tax of 387 zloty (Pinkas Kehilot, 350). The local community (kahal) was most probably connected to the Bohorodchany (Brotchin) community, but by the middle of the century this formal relationship ceased (Pinkas Kehilot, 350).

In the 1740s, Rabbi Moshe Heilprin (d. 1752), the rabbi of Berdichev, settled in Solotvin. According to a local legend, the Besht spent a Saturday in Rabbi Heilprin's house (Pinkas Kehilot, 350).

In 1765, Jews owned eighty-four houses in Solotvin (Pinkas Kehilot, 350).


The Polish census of 1764 gives the following information regarding the Jewish population of Solotvin (Stampfer, 121). The community included 471 Jews of both genders and 19 infants under one year of age. 361 Jews with 15 infants lived in the town of Solotvin itself, and the rest (110) were dispersed among surrounding villages accordingly:

Monastyrczyzna - 6
Rakowice - 7
Krzywiec - 15
Jabłonka - 5
Porohy - 5
Krzyczka - 5 (and one infant)
Staruń - 41 (and 3 infants)
Żuraki - 26