Budget (expences) of the Bohorodczany Jewish community, 1935

Personal archives of Rabbi Moshe-Leib Kolesnik
English translation: 


Bohorodczany, June 30, 1935

Jewish Religious Community

 in Bohorodczany

L. 42/35



The District Starosty in Stanislavov


Regarding the letter dated June 19 1935 No.AB/5/35 about rabbi's salary, I would like to explain, that the Community Board has hardly any expenses except for the salary of its employees.  


All the income of the Board comes from the ritual slaughter. It is meager and usually amounts monthly to app. 400 zl. Currently the board has hardly any other incomes. However, according to the balance sheet given below, the salaries and taxes are much higher than the income:

Salary of the rabbi ---------------------200 zl

Salary of the kosher butchers --------150  zl

Salary of the secretary     ---- --------- 30 zl

Salary of the butcher's widow ---------20 zl

Salary  of the caretaker------------------18 zl

"  of

Payment for selling cards on the spot - -10

Payment for the office building ---------6 zl

Payment for social insurance -------------25 zl

Payment for safeguard and taxes --------15 zl

                                                  TOTAL: 494 zl

According to the above balance, the board has currently not enough money to pay whole salaries. However, after passing the budget for the year of 1935 the community fee will be collected and the issue of the salaries will be settled according to the budget.


The president: