Ahavat Zion in Tarnow

English name: 
Ahavat Zion in Tarnow
Other names: 
Ahavat Zion in Tarnow
Ahawath Zion
אהבת ציון
Organization type: 
Zionist Association
Establishment date: 
December 1896

Established in December 1896 (Ha-magid, no. 1, 1.1.1897, pp. 6-7)

Letters about the conference see Ha-magid, no. 24, 17 June 1897, pp. 197-8.

Decision on religious character of Jewish settlement in Palestine, 1896 (see)

1896 - a committee in Bohorodczany established (Gelber, Toldot, 1:337n)

Conference 1897

Conference 1899.