Our organization has invested much work in collecting first-hand oral testimonies about Jewish life in Galicia and Bukovina. These interviews were conducted as part of our annual expeditions to Galicia. Most of the interviews are in Russian or Ukrainian, with some offering an English translation. The interviews give firsthand description of various aspects of Jewish life before the Holocaust. It goes without saying that the generation capable of telling the story of Galician and Bukovinian Jewry is slowly disappearing,and we therefore see this project as a last opportunity to obtain first-hand information from these living testimonials to Jewish life in these regions.

We invite all descendants of Galicia and Bukovina who are interested in contributing to this important cause to contact us. Please click here


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Title Community Dateсортувати за спаданням
Interview with Liudmila and Irina Mikuliak, Solotvin (IF_Sol_09_034) Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) 13/08/2009
Interview with Vira Poslavskaia, Bohorodchany Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) 17/08/2009
Interview with Iaroslava Uhrenchuk, Bohorodchany Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) 17/08/2009
Interview with Olha Parkhuts, Bohorodchany Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) 17/08/2009
Interview with Paraska Hotsaniuk, Maniava (IF_Man_09_01) Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) 18/08/2009
Interview with Stepan Kobzei, Bohorodchany Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) 18/08/2009
Interview in Maniava (IF_Man_09_02). Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) 19/08/2009
Interview in Maniava (IF_Man_09_02). Maniava 19/08/2009