Interview in Maniava (IF_Man_09_02).

Interview in Maniava
רביעי, אוגוסט 19, 2009


Интервью с самом конце деревни Манявы.

Место: Манява

Дата: 19 августа 2009

Интервьюер: Александр ???? из Львова (говорит по-украински и переводит на английский)

Присутствуют: Давид Валлах, Семен Гольдин, Владимир Левин, Рахель Валлах (снимает на камеру)


Разговор со старым дедом, у которого до войны был друг Фишель и не очень старой бабкой, его дочерью. (Деда Валлаха тоже звали Фишель и у него был шинок.)


Alex: This Fishel had only a store, had no tavern.

А про кнайпу, про шинок, имел ли этот Фишель шинок?

Бабка: Maybe there was another Fishel over there, on the top. This Fishel that lived here was a young man actually, of the age of my father. So that might be a different guy.


01:28 Alex: Do you remember the family name of that Fishel?


01:40 Alex: There was a man Mendel, they remember Mendel.

This is Mendel (Alex shows them a picture).


Alex: This is one that lived here in the kitchen garden, by the straw that grows here.

We have a larger photo.


02:45 Alex: This is Mendel.


03:00 Alex: Do you remember a tavern?


03:09 Бабка: Внизу, там, где клуб, там была корчма, шли до корчмы.


04:15. Near the...  near the city hall where there is another store [there was the tavern]. So it was a right place [shown] from the beginning.


Alex: Do you remember about the people, about this Fishel, Mendel?

Old man: They moved away. My father was a friend with Fishel.


05:00 Old man: When Fishel had to go he gave a horse to my father. He said that he needs the horse no longer because I am moving far away from here. That is what he remembers about Fishel.


06:00 Speaking about a terrible flood last year.



English translation of transription: 

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Jewish Residents of Maniava.

Interviewer: Alexander [...]