Jewish Galicia and Bukovina bibliography project

The monumental bibliography project undertaken by the Jewish Galicia and Bukovina Organization is available on our site now. This project unprecedented in its scope involves about 17,000 searchable annotated records of essays, books, pamphlets, and articles in some ten languages, which relate, in whole or in part, to the Jews of Galicia and Bukovina. The works cover their history, social life, religion, and culture as individuals and as communities, beginning with the annexation of the region by Austria (1772) through the outbreak of World War II (1939).

All the bibliographical items are searchable by their registration data, research subjects, and the personalities mentioned.  A very significant part of the project is devoted to bio-bibliographical items regarding more than 2,000  prominent cultural, religious, and public figures who lived and worked in Galicia and Bukovina: writers, rabbis, researchers, intellectuals, artists, scientists, musicians,  political activists etc

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