Full indexed catalog of the historical part of the New Jewish Cemetery in Siret is online now

The new Jewish cemetery in Siret is an outstanding monument of Jewish art of the 19th century. The carved grave steles preserved on it are unparalleled in Eastern Europe both in terms of the richness of the images and ornaments presented and in terms of the artistic level of stone carving. The scale of this monument, its unusual artistic richness, and variety of epitaphs testify to the economic and cultural power of the city's Jewish community in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

 For many decades, this art treasury was hidden from view due to lush vegetation and the general desolation of the site. The expedition team that worked in Siret this summer carried out complete documentation of the most significant - northern - part of the cemetery. About 1,300 monuments were cleaned, photographed, and deciphered. The processed results of the work have been summarized now in a catalog, available on our website. (see here). You may see also the gallery of the most artistically impressive old tombstones.