On the Edge of the Empire: The Cultural and Historical Legacy of Galicia and Bukovina

                      International Conference                    

                            June 12 - 14, 2022                     

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 43 Jabotinsky Street


                          Sunday 12.06

            Opening Session

Chair: Gershon Hundert (McGill University)


David Wallach (Weizmann Institute of Science; Chair of Jewish Galicia and Bukovina Organization)

Eli Lederhandler (Chair of  Leonid Nevzlin Research Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)



Keynote Addresses

Larry Wolff (New York University)  Galicia after Galicia: The Fantasies and Phantoms of the Galician Legacy



Israel Bartal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Agnon's Complaint: Lushn ashkenaz, Imperial Language, and the Jews of halbasien (1772-1939)



                      Monday 13.06

             Facing Modernity: The Jewish Dimension


Chair: Haim Gertner (Yad Vashem)

Joshua Shanes (The College of Charleston) Political Modernization among Galician Jews



Rachel Manekin (The University of Maryland)  Modernization and Galician Jewry: A Gendered Perspective




Discussants:  Vladyslava Moskalets (The Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv), Andriy Zayarnyuk (University of Winnipeg) 





            Geopolitical Boundaries and Changing Identities


Chair: Joshua Shanes (The College of Charleston)

François Guesnet (University College London) Between Communal Mandate and Political Opportunity: Jewish Intercession in Early Modern and 19th-century Europe




Discussants: Gershon Hundert (McGill University), Israel Bartal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)



                     Mosaic of Cultures


Chair: Maciej Janowski (Central European University)

Dirk Sadowski (Leibniz Institute for Educational Media,| Georg Eckert Institute) “There is hardly any school in Galicia where the teacher doesn’t have a noticeable Jewish accent…” – Habsburg’s Language Policy towards Galician Jewry, 1782–1806




Gershon Hundert (McGill University) Portents of Change in the Writings of Dov Ber Birkenthal




Omer Bartov (Brown University)  Tales from the Borderlands and the Fictions of History




Andriy Zayarnyuk (University of Winnipeg) Galicia's Contribution to the Formation of Modern Ukrainian Culture: A Reconsideration



          Roundtable - open discussion: 

 Revisiting Perspectives: Historians' Galicia


Moderator: Paul Robert Magocsi (The University of Toronto)

Maciej Janowski (Central European University)

Michael Silber (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Larry Wolff (New York University)



       Tuesday 14.06      

                 Literature and Society


Chair: Israel Bartal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Yaroslav Hrytsak (Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv) The Galician Triangle in the Galician Literature: Case of the 1884 Boryslav War



Eugenia Prokop-Janiec (Jagiellonian University, Kraków) Polish Literature in Galicia



Ofer Dynes (Columbia University) Galicia and/or Ukraine in the Yiddish Mind






              "Meorei Galicia": Jewish Learning, 16th-20th Centuries


Chair: David Assaf (Tel Aviv University)

Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg (Harvard University) Rabbi Moshe Isserles and the Transformation of Ashkenazic Halakha in Poland




Roee Goldschmidt  (The Open University of Israel) Trends in the Development and Study of Kabbalah in Galicia




Benjamin Brown (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Ta'amei Haminhagim Umekorei Hadinim: The book, its Directions, and its Place in the Development of Halakhah and of Hasidism




Iris Brown (Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies) Between Hasidism and Neo-Orthodoxy: Sara Schenirer between Two Worlds



                Roundtable - open discussion:  

                     Religion and Society

Moderator: Adam Teller (Brown University)

Israel Bartal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 

Gershon Hundert (McGill University)

Andriy Zayarnyuk (University of Winnipeg)