"On the Edge of the Empire": International Conference on Cultural and Historical Legacy of Galicia and Bukovina

The conference "On the Edge of the Empire: The Cultural and Historical Legacy of Galicia and Bukovina June" took place in the Van Leer Inctitute, Jerusalem on 12 – 14 June 2022, marking the 250th anniversary of the creation of Galicia as a unique political and cultural entity.
The organizers convened the world's leading scholars of Galicia and Eastern Europe for three days of intense academic discussion.
At the center of this discussion was an analysis of the unique interaction between the different nations and cultures that thrived in Galicia and Bukovina under Austrian Imperial Rule and how these individual groups helped shape their own national identity as well the identities of other communities that inhabited the Galician and Bukovinian region.
Leading researchers from Israel, the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany discussed a wide range of historical and cultural issues such as political and cultural boundaries and their interrelationship, imperial rule and national identities, the cultural mosaic of Galicia and Bukovina, modernization processes in various societies, the growth of modern cultures, varied perspectives in the scholarship of Galicia and Bukovina, and more.
All the lectures and discussions were video recorded and they are available now on our site

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