Pinchas Halevi Horwitz

Pinchas Halevi
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Shaul Halevi
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A descendant of a famous family of rabbis (Ohalei Shem, 223-4).  

Rabbi of Bohorodczany from 1898 till 1920. Head of the yeshiva "Torat Haim" in Bohorodczany (Ohalei Shem, 223-4).

On his election and pro-Zionist stance see Ha-magid, no. 1, 5 January 1899, p. 5.

During the conference of the "Ahavat Zion" in Tarnow in April 1899, Rabbi Hurvits was elected a member of the association's Board (Gelber, Toldot, 1:367). He followed the example of his predecessor R. Schreier and published a halakhic decision preferring  etrogim from the Land of Israel (Marcus, Pri Etz Hadar, 20; Ha-magid, no. 39, 27 September 1900, cover).

He left behind unpublished responsa, commentary on the Talmud, a work on the Torah, and other writings (Ohalei Shem, 223-4; Pinkas Hakehilot, 72).

He was also active in Orthodox Jewish politics and took part in the World congress of Orthodox rabbis convened in Kraków in 1903 (Ha-magid, no. 31, 20 August 1903, p. 354).